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New Records Added
24 Jun, 2019
USA Jail & Prison Record-(2706 Records Added)
Inmate, Sex-offender Data-(686 Records Added)
Warrent & Arrest Database-(830 Records Added)
Criminal Record-(11007 Records Added)
Background Check Data-(5486 Records Updated)

People have many reasons to check if someone has a Prison Record.

Join with us now and gain access to a wide array of information on the past and present convicts and about their activities. We will unveil to you :

  • Inmate Name/Alias
  • Inmate Cell Number
  • Age of the Inmate
  • Sex of the Inmate
  • Release Date or Parole Date of the Inmate
  • Name of the Jail, Locaion, Phone Number of the Inmate
  • Height, Weight, Hair Color & Distinguished body marks
  • Probation Information, if any
  • Whether the Inmate is Listed Sex Offender?

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